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Together We Lead,
Achieve & Succeed! 

The Hollywood Production Assistant Program (HPAp) is actively creating social change

through community action. Diversity, equity

and inclusion is priority #1 for this little  program that could!


Building Sustainable Futures is the Nature of Our Programs!

About HPAp

The Hollywood Production Assistant Program (HPAp) is dedicated to creating sustainability and assisting youth (16 to 24 years of age) as well as early career adults (25+) from disinvested communities learn the skills needed to earn a living wage, while simultaneously creating diversity and inclusivity within the digital media, marketing, tech, sports and live entertainment production space.


HPAp is also fostering change within the workforce for millions of women, people of color, lgbtq+ members, veterans, people of a certain age (35+) and persons with disabilities who are often marginalized and overlooked. 

More information available here.

Office Meeting

Work Based Education designed to create social change through community action in an effort to bring about more diversity, equity & inclusion in our working world!

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HPAp is Helping Build Sustainability
across Counties, States & Nations!

First and foremost, by "sustainability" and "living wage" we are refer to it in the theoretical since, meaning the HPAp helps its participants earn at an income level that allows them to afford adequate shelter, food, and other necessities to sustain an independant lifestyle and/or take care of a family. The goal of a living wage* is to allow employees to earn a sustainable income for a satisfactory standard of living and prevent them from falling into poverty. 

The Hollywood P.A. program and staff are committed to providing work-based education to people from disinvested communities in the following areas:

1. Digital Media Production Assistant (DMPA), which focuses on the creative side of the production process;

2. Digital Production Management Assistant (DPMA), which focuses on administration and tech side of production;

3. Performing Arts Teaching Assistant (PATA), which focuses on arts education.


For more information on these programs, please click here.


*Economists suggest it should be enough to ensure that no more than 30% of this income gets spent on housing. (National Low Income Housing Coalition. "NLIHC Releases Out of Reach 2022: The High Cost of Housing;"


"I was a part of the program a few years ago then went on to be placed into a paid apprenticeship on a major studio lot."

Don G.

"Right after completing the HPA program I went on to apply and interview for a talent agency. The HPA program staff gave me a  glowing recommendation and I landed the job."

Angelica M.

Once I finished the Hollywood PA program I applied for several paid internships and a few jobs, I got one of the jobs and accepted into the paid internship with a well know comic book franchise production company.”

Tisha F.

Some of the Hollywood P.A. Program (HPAp) Partners

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