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The BEAST (aka Podcast Beast & Podcast Beast Tv) is currently under re-construction to create an 

even bigger, more diverse and inclusive audio & video platform for indie content creators.

The BEAST is where creators can come to share their unique ideas and art with the world. Its also a place where audiences can be enlightened and enriched by stories seldom heard from people with various backgrounds and cultural experiences.


The BEAST will not only support & distribute podcasts and other audio/video content from independent creators from across the globe, but will also help aspiring creatives: create,  

produce and stream their content as well. For FREE*




What type of content creators is the BEAST looking for? Podcast Creators. What we mean by "podcast creators" is: hosts and on-air personalities, writers, producers, authors, poets, stand-up comedians, musical artists, dancers, ballers, political types and any other audio or video content creatives - sane or out of your freaking mind... the BEAST wants you!

So, you've never created a podcast before but have been thinking about it. There's no better time than the present to make it happen! The BEAST can help you turn your idea, whether audio or video, into a podcast, with a little help from our friends over at the HPA (Hollywood  Performance Academy). They offer a [virtual] intensive independent production workshop for aspiring podcast creatives through the B.O.S.$. Theory Academy. Learn how to podcast in a day. Mention "PodcastBeast" when signing up and receive the 20% BEAST discount. 

Now, on to those podcasting vets who already have a podcast, other audio/video show or know how to do it... who may be looking to gain a larger audience. The BEAST can help!

Come collaborate with the BEAST and get your podcast produced

and/or streamed on either PB (audio only) or PBtv (video).

Women, People of Color, members of the LGBTq+ community and persons over 40 are strongly encouraged to submit.

Help feed the BEAST                                                                   Support the BEAST

                                   (patreon)                                                                                            (store)

*Receive the first month of podcast airtime for free with registration (audio shows only). Ask for the pricing and discount codes here.

Thanks for submitting!

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