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Dear Sisters:

During the 2020 quarantine (coronavirus for all y'all who don't know what that is) we lost our 20+ year old boutique

(we create and produce multimedia, new media and digital marketing projects) company but not even coronavirus

couldn't hold good women down. No sir! No ma'am!!

In 2021 we bounced back with lots of help from God (because the SBA, the US government nor any of those so-called

banks & lending institutions who were supposed to be there for US)... and like a phoenix SHE rose out of the ashes

and into a new business (still producing) but with a whole new mission and purpose. Follow along with the little 

production company that could... as we introduce you to some dynamic & fearless women as they reinvent, rebrand

and rebuild themselves.

This revolution will be televised! First we will be producing Project Steady Rise, an unscripted series focusing on the

rebirth of beauty, business and self-love of Women from all walks of life. Then we will be producing a scripted

(mocumentary) series entitled Reality Divas, about a group of girlfriends slash business women who find out that

they are not only friends but family. BossLadies with big personalities, big money and of course BIG DRAMA!

All the details will be posted here. Please check back soon and often!

                Remember... Females First is not just a thing... it's OUR thing, Ladies! Be a WonderWoman!

Sign up now and we will keep you informed about the good things happens for US in the future. 
Many Thanks, Sis!

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