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Submission Bros.

Casting & Talent Development is what Submission Bros. specializes in. SB is a full service casting company, focused on on talent acquisitions, in front of and behind the lens. Whether a person wants to be a star on-camera or a rockstar behind it (business/corporate side of the entertainment industry) we provide casting and temporary employment/placement services.

It's a fact that the entertainment industry isn't as diverse or equal and certainly as inclusive as it could or should be. SB is dedicated to creating more diversity, equity and inclusion (D.E.I.) for people who decided to work in "Hollywood!" 


SB is always on the lookout for new talent to add to it's growing talent roster. More information is  available by clicking below.

Learn & Grow

The HBAu has collaborated with the Hollywood Performance Academy (HPA)  and the B.O.S.$. Theory Academy (BTA)   have all teamed up to bring business and career training, virtually live, with some of the worlds best entrepreneurs & coaches.

Through the Jetpack style trainings and other diversity & inclusion programs being offered we are helping people in search employment within the entertainment industry (behind the lens) and/or on the business side of the Bizness (aspiring entrepreneurs, writers, content creators, podcasters, public & motivational speakers, etc.).

To find out what we have to offer, please click the link below.

hollywood production assistant program
(HPAp 2024)
Now accepting submissions

Interested in the
HER.O Project (business startup) want more information...

More HBAu
programs and information available
by clicking below

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