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If You Can't Break-in Through The Front Door,
Come Around Back!

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HBAu and the




are schools of thought designed to uplift and empower people through intensive training and coaching. They have banded together to coach everyday people into starting their own small business or launch a new

career in show business.

We want to help turn dreams and aspirations into


It's YOUR turn... are you ready? Click on the school of your choice or find out more about them by scrolling down the page.


Let's start by asking a few simple questions:


Are you an aspiring artist looking to start a career in films, TV, commercials, voice-over, stage or behind the mic?

Perhaps you are an artist looking to write and/or produce content or an entrepreneur ready to start your own small business?

If you answered yes, we may just have the training | coaching program (classes, workshops, full courses, events and more) for you...

The HPA and BTA welcome all talent with different skill levels our intensive classes/workshops/courses that are designed specifically for performers, artists, content creators, entrepreneurs, speakers, podcasters, etc., who want to break into the BIZness!


More information can be found at Hollywood Performance Academy (talent) or B.O.S.$. Theory Academy (business).

Please Note:  Due to Covid, all of our classes/workshops are being offered 100% ONLINE. We require all talent to go through our Building a Foundation   (BaF) class before embarking on intensive courses/workshops or getting into a certificate program.









HBAu offers two free on-the-job training programs: Production Assistant Program (for ages 17 to 24 in either high school, college, recently graduate or early career) and the women's back-to-work program higHER Octane Project. For more information on either program please click here.


PLEASE NOTE: Out of the safety and health of our students and staff, we are following state orders to keeping the Hollywood Performance Academy (HPA) facility/studio doors closed. We're going to be watching the situation closely and will post updates as we get them. We're looking forward to starting back up in-person classes again soon and hope everyone remains healthy and safe in place! 

In the meantime, we are excited to offer our classes through the Online Acting Ensemble (OAE). Coming soon - we will be offering our classes by "video series," for those who want to complete the classes on their own schedule. Classes via video will be available for replay shortly after the class has ended and can be accessed anytime by class members only.


Also note: OAE classes are recorded from beginning to end - we do not post or use the performance part of the class in our replay video series. Should you be interested in attending, please take a moment to read the following disclosure:

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